Safescan 20 UV Marker Pens - Box of 20

Safescan 20 UV Marker Pens - Box of 20

Key Features

  • Box of 20 pens
  • ideal for marking valuables such as TV\'s mobile phones and laptops
  • permanent UV ink
  • markings light up under UV light
  • works on most surfaces
  • extra fine tip for easy writing
  • non-toxic ink
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  • RRP: £42.00 SAVE: £11.59
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MPN Code: 111-0445

    Use the Safescan 20 permanent UV pen to quickly and discreetly mark your high-value items such as TVs, tablets and phones. The special ink is invisible under normal lighting conditions; no one can see what you’ve written until it’s placed under UV light. The Safescan 20 UV pen is odourless and colourless and works on most surfaces, including metal, glass, paper, plastic, cloth and skin.

    Unlike standard UV pens, the high-quality Safescan 20 leaves waterproof marks that do not fade over time and don’t need to be protected with overseals. (The ink will gradually fade from skin and clothing through normal washing.) For best results, It is recommended that any markings on your property is in a place that will not be frequently touched or constantly exposed to sunlight.

  • 24 months Safescan warranty is automatically applied with the exception of UV Pens with a 3rd year free extension if the buyer registers their products on the Safescan website If your product is defective within 30 days of purchase please contact your supplier, if it is outside of the 30 day period please contact Safescan on 01233 645645
  • Safescan 20 UV Marker Pens - Box of 20 brochure

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